Bauer is the largest privately owned publisher in Europe, publishing in Germany, France, Spain, Portugal and the United Kingdom. Additionally, Bauer publishes in the United States and Mexico.


The Bauer Publishing Group was founded in Hamburg 1875 by Johann Bauer. Under the management of four generations of the Bauer family, The Bauer Publishing Group has grown from its humble beginnings as a printing house into a worldwide publishing empire comprising 238 magazines worldwide in 15 countries, as well as TV and radio stations.

Bauer entered the U.K. scene with Bella magazine in 1987. Introducing a new format that mixes previously unseen real life editorial and exciting service features, Bella made a significant impact on the women's market. The company gained attention again in 1990 with the launch of Take a Break magazine. Touching the lives of millions of women with its unique blend of upfront real life and competitions, the title quickly became market leader. Despite strong competition, Take a Break has maintained its no.1 status, currently selling over 1 million copies a week.


The 1990's saw H. Bauer further strengthen its portfolio with the launch of Total TV Guide in 1993, that's life! in 1995 and TVChoice in 1999. Together with sixteen successful puzzle titles within the stable, H. Bauer has always had a major presence in the UK magazine market with a considerable market share.


At the beginning of 2008, Bauer expanded its portfolio further by acquiring Emapís Radio and Consumer Magazine divisions and changed the name of these new UK businesses to Bauer Radio and Bauer Media.

Bauer is now the largest consumer magazine publishing company in the UK, playing a primary role in the Womenís Weeklies, Womenís Interest, Womenís Lifestyle, TV Listings, Puzzles, Menís Lifestyle, Music & Film and Specialist magazine markets.

Bauer will continue to innovate, driving its business and the ever-evolving magazine market forward.